The short man is waiting for the lift. In his hand he holds a frozen leg of lamb. He is waiting patiently in his smart, outlandish outfit. His foot taps on the ground. He has been waiting a long time. I suddenly realise that he hasn't pressed the button. I look again. He is looking straight at me, grinning.

He walks towards me. Every step is like a crazy dance. He is elegant and precise with each step. I can see his face properly.

He stops by the door. Suddenly his face is right up next to the viewing hole. He must be standing on something in order to reach it. He says,

'Let me in and I will tell you all of my secrets.'

I can not move or speak or breathe.

He says,

'I know that you are there, watching me. I have known since the first time. I could feel your eyes on me, right from the start. Open up your door and I will tell you everything.'

I don't know what to do. Is this part of a crazy game that this man is playing? He is toying with me? I don't move.

'Let me in and we can spend all the time you want getting to know each other. I will tell you about my room and my ways and my routine. Whatever you want.'

A strange, hypnotic feeling begins to creep over me. I feel like his eyes are having an effect on me. I find it hard to resist.

'Let me in right now and we can live together if you like. We can look at people together.'

With a click I feel my hand undoing the locks on my door. I am ready to let the outside come in.

I open the door.

The crazy little man shrieks. He pounces on me and beats me over the head viciously and repeatedly with the frozen leg of lamb.

I am dead now.

The little man is laughing and pasting himself with my blood. He is rolling about on the floor in my blood and giggling and gurgling.

The End.

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